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About Cutting Edge


Name Cutting Edge
Address 1-9-6 Kaji-Cho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0044, JAPAN
Mail address
TEL +81(0)90-6012-7357

Cutting Edge

At the moment, Cutting Edge is focusing on an energy and Corona virus Covid-19 protection products. 
Arigato robot series has some models such as UV-C sterilization robot, food delivery robot, linen delivery robot and seurity robot. 
Super Waste Processor is innovative product that uses only magnetic heat without any fuel to decompose organic waste such as plastic waste, medical waste, wood waste, car tire waste and paper waste without any emitting smoke, dioxin, and CO2.
If you want to help us to sell our products in your country, we are very happy.
We are looking for distributors in the world. 

Our products

We have created the following our original products since 2000

2001 Miya Caser : Disc automatic Inserter into the plastic cases conveyed from Rimage mailbox
2003 DigiWarp1: Software to produce small lots of CDs with many kind jobs automatically
2005 DigiWarp4: Software to archive and backup data automatically to CD-R with Rimage
Samurai Guard: World first automatic CD-R copy guard duplicator
2008 Disc Producer PP-100: We helped Epson to develop PP-100
Disc Artist: Automatic professional Epson CD/DVD-R label printer
DigiWarp1,4 and HFS Image Creator for Epson Disc Producer PP-100
2009 Samurai Guard II:World first CD-R data encryption software supporting Windows7
2010 World first USB memory/ SD Automatic duplicator

We are looking for distributor




  • Cutting Edge 
  • 1-9-6 Kaji-Cho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo,101-0044, JAPAN
  • TEL:81-3-5289-0266 FAX:81-3-5289-0267