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Innovative Cool Japanese Products no one has ever created

New Arigato food serving robot

Compact food serving and dish collection robot

       Arigato food serving robot
               Arigato food serving Robot

New Anti-virus infectious air cleaner 

Compact air purifier for pollen, virus and bacteria

       Primavera photocatalyst air cleaner

Hypochlorous acid water generator

Compact hypochlorous acid water generator for safe, low cost high anti-bacterial

Hypochlorous acid water server

Hypochlorous acid water sprayer 

Giant hypochlorous acid water mist sprayer for big room 

     Giant hypochlorous acid water sprayer

New Robot Assist Walker RT1

Smart robot for the eldery and the handi-capped people using AI and IOT technology 


          Robot Assist walker RT1
               Robot Assist Walker RT-1

New Edible ink food printer 

The printer can draw the illustration on cookies, cakes, cafe latte, beer, cookies and so on. 


        New mind Eduble food printer for cake, cookies and catelatte
                  Edible food printer

NEW Organic waste decomposer

Magnetic decomposer for organic waste such as plastic waste, medical waste and wood waste 

         Super Waste Processor Organic waste decomposer
              Super Waste Processor SWP-120   

NEW Melt King 

Infectious medical waste,diapers sterilizing volume reducing dring machine

        Daiso Melt King DNX Melt King MD
                        Melt King MD

Counterfeit money detector

Matsumura counterfeit money detector for US$, Euro, Chinese Yuan and any currencies

               EXC-6700 multiple currency Detector

Passport management system 

World's Passport IC chip information verifying and data base CSV management system

PassPro Passport reader and scanner CSV management system
             Pass Pro passport management system
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